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Effortless Subscription Tracking

Keep tabs on all those subscriptions
your business is paying for.

We all know how easy it is to sign up for a free-trial of a new software tool, to then completely forget about it, and continue to pay.


Tracking all your subscriptions
and software costs has never been easier

Track recurring subscriptions

Manage all your recurring software subscriptions, and keep a close eye on spending across teams.

Manage user licences

Track which users in your business are what software subscriptions, and ensure you're not wasting licences.

Weekly notifications

Keep up-to-date with payments, contract renewals and expiring free trials with a weekly reminder email.

Easy reporting

Quick and easy reporting of subscription and software information by any team members.

Contract tracking

Track your contract renewals and any terms of your software contracts in one place.

Free-trial tracking

Never miss a free-trial expiration again. Get notified when those trials are about to end.

We must have found $3,000 worth of wasted subscriptions within days of signing up. The spreadsheet method never worked for us.

Judith Black

CFO at PureInsights

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