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Subtrac is the best way to track subscriptions, software, and user licences.

What are your monthly software expenses?

We use an average of your last 3 months of expenses to determine your pricing. The first $1,000/mo are tracked for free.

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All-in-one subscription management

Track recurring subscriptions
Manage all your recurring software subscriptions, and keep a close eye on spending across teams.
Manage user licences
Track which users in your business are what software subscriptions, and ensure you're not wasting licences.
Weekly notifications
Keep up-to-date with payments, contract renewals and expiring free trials with a weekly reminder email.
Easy reporting
Quick and easy reporting of subscription and software information by any team members.
Contract tracking
Track your contract renewals and any terms of your software contracts in one place.
Free-trial tracking
Never miss a free-trial expiration again. Get notified when those trials are about to end.
Payment method tracking
Track the payment methods you use to pay for each subscription.
Invite team members
Invite your team members to help manage your subscriptions and user licences.

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Frequently asked questions

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How is my monthly Subtrac cost calculated?
We use an average of your last 3 months of expenses to determine your pricing. The first $1,000/mo are tracked for free.
How many subscription users can I track?
You can track an unlimited number of subscription users. Our pricing model is based on the amount of recurring spend you have, rather than the number of employees you have.
Can I invite others to help manage our subscriptions?
Absolutely, you can invite members to your team. They will have the same access as you do to manage your Subtrac account.
What happens if I spend more than $10,000 a month on Software?
If your software spend exceeds $10,000 a month, we'll contact you to discuss our enterprise plans.
What payment methods do you support?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit card payments. Stripe handles all payments.
How is billing handled?
Payment is taken once a month, on the same day of the month that you signed up. We'll also add your Subtrac subscription to your list, so you're able to track it.